Brion Feinberg

  • Extensive, hands-on experience in
       product planning, business development,
       market entry strategy and economic modeling.
  • Unique mix of technology knowledge
       and business skills
  • Well known in the USA telecom industry
  • Raised over $20M in venture funding
  • Brion Feinberg is an experienced product management executive with a solid track record for bringing new, innovative technology-focused products and services to market. Brion has a unique combination of deep technical skills along with strong marketing, planning and leadership capabilities. Brionís high energy and excellent communication skills have fostered his success in both start-up and large corporate environments. 

    Brionís areas of expertise include:

    Moving technology from concept to
    market-ready product

    Sales and market entry planning for  the US telecom industry

    Identifying new business opportunities for technology innovations

    Converged services Ė digital media, Voice over IP

    Establishing channel and technology partnerships

    Data and voice networking technologies

    Developing marketing messages

    Consumer-focused technology services

    Working with press and analysts

    Production of complex software systems